Founded at Yale University in 1895, Pi Lambda Phi (Pilam) was the first non-sectarian fraternity in the United States, accepting men of good character without regard to race or religion. Today, Pilam chapters at colleges and universities in the United States and Canada cultivate communities that promote academics, leadership, social skills, and lifelong fraternal bonds. Pilam men build skills that will help them succeed in their post-graduate endeavors in an environment free from hazing and drug and alcohol abuse.

Pi Lambda Phi PA Gamma Sigma was re-colonized in Fall 2016. Gamma Sigmas are dedicated to breaking the mold and reestablishing the reputation of Greek Life in a more positive light on Pitt’s campus and in today’s society. As Founding Fathers and aided with the Elimination of Prejudice Foundation, we hope to diversify and better our community and presence in Greek Life. Be Brave. Lead Courageously. Eliminate Prejudice.

Our Creed

That all men are created free and equal.

That no society of men can flourish unless members of that society are endowed with the opportunities and privileges of freedom.

That freedom implies the elimination of prejudice. That the elimination of prejudice means a better understanding ‘twixt men.

That it is incumbent upon me to fight for such freedom, even with my life.

That it is incumbent upon me, in my personal life, to be devoted to the highest standards of honesty and justice.

That because my country is dedicated to the highest standards of freedom and justice for all men of all creeds, I hereby pledge allegiance to my country, and to its national symbol.